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Benefits Canada explains that the ideal financial education program is comprehensive, systematic, easy to use, multi-platform, and interactive. We offer a variety of financial education services solutions to fulfill the needs of your organization and your employees.

Digital Financial Wellness

Offer your employees peace of mind with 24/7 access to online financial wellness. Your employees have the luxury of learning at their own pace, using a program that is customizable to suit their own unique learning style and level of financial knowledge.

  • Create a debt reduction or
    comprehensive financial plan

  • Explore customized learning
    plans suited to their personal
    situation and learning style

  • Identify how to address common
    life events like saving for retirement,
    losing a job, caring for an aging
    relative, buying a home, and more

  • Watch financial planning videos

  • Complete a holistic financial health
    assessment & receive a customized
    action plan

  • Learn how to reduce their debt,
    create a budget that works, and
    ensure their retirement is on track

  • Ask an expert their financial
    planning questions

  • Use financial modeling
    tools, read articles, and find
    important financial information

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Unbiased Financial
Education Seminars

Financial planning can be daunting. Empower your employees to make informed financial decisions with the help of our financial education and literacy seminars.

“Excellent seminar, very knowledgeable & helpful. Eased a lot of my concerns & helped me plan.” “This workshop should be given to those in their early 30s to encourage people to start saving and planning ahead.” “Exceptional seminar, content & presentation.”

Our CareerStagesTM program offers seminars geared toward individuals at one of three different stages of their life:

Getting Started

This program is for those aged 25-35 focuses on topic relevant to what Forbes reports as the age group under the most financial stress.
In this 1/2-day program employees will learn:

  • How to create a realistic budget that works
  • Proper uses of credit
  • Tips on future expenses like buying a home or car
  • The importance of their workplace group retirement and benefits plans
  • Why starting to save for retirement early is so important

Gearing Up

This program is for those aged 35-50 offers useful plans for saving and budgeting for a demographic whose number one reason to delay retirement is not having enough money in savings.
In this 1-day program employees will learn:

  • Realistic budgeting that balances savings with increased life expenses
  • Debt management
  • Investing strategies for their “asset gathering” years
  • An introduction to retirement planning
  • The importance of taxation
  • Why they should have a valid will

Getting Ready

This program is for those aged 50+ provides useful information for employees who are or would like to be on their way to retirement.
In this 1-day or 2-day program employees will learn:

  • Unsaving in retirement
  • How to estimate retirement income needs
  • Why you still need a budget even in retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Tips for investing before & into retirement
  • Lifestyle considerations
  • Useful information on wills & powers of attorney for financial and health
  • Tips if retiring outside Canada

Our Lunch 'n Learn program gives your employees the opportunity to enhance their financial knowledge in bite-sized portions. We offer over 30 different modules to choose from, each an hour in length, that can also be used to customize a program for any mandate.

Some topics to choose from include:

  • My Finances

  • Financial Planning 101

  • Money Management

  • Debt Reduction

  • Budgeting

  • Investing

  • Retirement Planning

  • Wills

  • Estate Planning

  • Identity Theft

We have over 25 topics to choose from. View our seminar catalog or speak with a Financial Education Specialist today.

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1-on-1 Financial

Your employees deserve honest, unbiased financial planning and education,
not a sales pitch. Because Acquaint does not sell financial products, you can
be confident that your employees will receive high quality, objective help,
personalized for their financial needs.

Sometimes only a personal touch will do. Our one-on-one financial
planning and counseling services can help employees when they need to
make informed lifelong financial decisions. Some situations include early
retirement windows, layoffs & downsizing, selecting group retirement plan
options, short-term or long-term disability, addictions leading to financial
distress, and more.

Our 1-on-1 financial planning services can be delivered on an hourly basis
or by mandate. The service is offered both on and off-site.

Our 1-on-1 financial planning is an hourly service that can be delivered both on and off-site and online.


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Responsive Financial

Financial emergencies and concerns often arise unexpectedly and at the least
convenient times. Thankfully, confidential and reliable help for your employees
is just a phone call away.

Our Financial Hotline is available when your employees need help the most,
providing timely professional assistance from our knowledgeable staff before
financial concerns can become financial disasters.

Often, an employee is embarrassed to seek assistance about their personal financial
circumstances at work because they feel that it might negatively reflect upon their
standingwith their employer. Times of personal financial crisis may lead to low levels
of productivity and the use of valuable company time by your employees as they
search for solutions to their problems.

TIME reports that one-on-one financial education is the most effective method to bolster employees' confidence and financial knowledge, which often leads to greater contributions to retirement plans.

Learn how financial hotline service can help your employees in a personal & confidential manner over the phone.


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